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LoRaWAN Gateway configured for The Things Network


Image of LoRaWAN Gateway configured for The Things Network

An indoor Multitech Conduit LoRaWAN 868MHz gateway, configured for The Things Network.

We will install the latest firmware and configure and test that the gateway connects to The Things Network, and then send it to you.

The gateway comes with a standard UK 3-pin plug for power. You simply plug it in, connect it to your network through the ethernet port so it can connect to the Internet, switch it on and you're good to go!

Details of the gateway (MTCDT-210L-US-EU-GB) can be found here: http://www.multitech.co.uk/models/94557200LF

You will get better range if you are able to mount an antenna on the roof of your building - the higher up and closer to outside the better.

We will supply an internal or external antenna, as you prefer.