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Reading Hotspot


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** Limited offer **

This device was designed for and part-funded by Reading 2016 Year of Culture. It estimates the number of people in a space, using the number of mobile phones it senses as a proxy. It sends this data along with information about the temperature, humidity and sound levels over The Things Network every 30 mins to build up charts showing how busy the venue/space is at different times and days.

Further info on the Hotspot project is available here.

Buying a hotspot will make you one of the beta testers and as such will receive free access to the apps in exchange for testing and feedback.

This offer and pricing is available for a limited period only. You will receive:
  • 1x Hotspot (868Mhz) in a 3d-printed case designed by ADMG Consulting
  • 1x power supply (UK plug)
  • 1x user account for the Venues app, configured for your device
  • Access to all code on the hotspot device
  • Online support through the beta testing period